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Schilthorn Cable Car Stations. Collection of Links

I’ve spent most of the time Between April 2019 and March 2020 working on a design for the reconstruction of the four station of Schilthorn cable car Line at the office of Brügger Architekten AG. You can see the results of this extremely demanding and satisfying work if you visit the Links I’ve gathered here.…


Ornament & Good Taste

I believe, Loos wasn’t talking about the ornament on a banal level of a façade plasticity. He was talking about the bad taste in architecture

030 u FINAL 003

Facade Study for a Public Building

Check out my latest Facade experiment


Facade Study

A doodle about the overlapping of different elements in the facade… and of course as always, about the depth and texture

Town-planing and Densification

Densification shouldn’t be a simple addition of square meters, but rather a carefully crafted plan to increase the overall quality of living in the targeted urban area.


Kopf eines jungen Mädchens

Plastic translation of the famous masterpiece

Blockrand_1 s

City Block Study

Found a bundle of old sketches made as a design study for a competition in Bern.


Eduard Gaertner and Architectural Visualisation

The work of Eduard Gaertner gives us a very nice food for thought about the artistic intentions of architectural visualization in general.


Facade Study

An old design study I always liked, and to which I return every now and again.


Folio Booklet 2009-16

Portfolio Booklet, covering my work in the period of 2009-16


1. Prize in Laupen for Brügger Architekten AG

1. Preis für Brügger Architekten AG bei dem Studienaufrtag “Wohnpark Talacker” in Laupen

017 005 006

Case Study: Casa Figini 1934

I would argue, that Casa Figini is a sort of Milanese Unité d’habitation, comprised of only one unit, floating over a small private botanical garden or a park.


Digital Sketching

A few thoughts on flexibility of a floor plan put to a piece of paper and then extruded into a relatively elaborate hand drawn isometric on a tablet.


Animated Doodle

A short flight through the space of a sketch I made a few days ago


1. Prize at Biberist for Brügger Architekten AG

Competition for a retirement home in Canton Solothurn


3. Prize in Brüttelenbad for Brügger Architekten AG

Competition for the extension of the housing facilities for people with special needs


Digital Sketch, Stardust

Quick test drawing, this time in black and white.


1. Prize in Bern for Brügger Architekten AG

Housing competition in Bern

sphere_ausstellung_BOOBAMARA thumb

Boobamara flies to EXPO 2017

Our project for sustainable energy pavilion got to be part of EXPO 2017 in Astana

015 u structure 001-th

4 Parking Spaces Theatre

My private experiment on the subject of (lost) public space

014 3d 1b thumb

Drawings and ThreeDs

Abstract spatial experiment


New Folio Item: Fassadenstudien

  Check out my new portfolio entry! Fassadenstudie. Holz


Single Family House in Vinelz, by W2 Architekten, Published in Das Haus

Das Einfamilienhaus Nr. 2/2017


Silicone Fortress

Architectural and Graphic Experiment


Casa Sundance

New portfolio entry: a single family house in Italy


B&W Render Test. Stardust

Check out the page with the built project!


Case Study: Cooper Residence 1968

Cooper Residence in 3d, and some of my thoughts about the project.


Starting with Brügger Architekten AG

Proud to be part of the Brügger Architekten team starting from 1. December 2016!!


Single Family House in Vinelz, by W2 Architekten AG added to Portfolio

Check out the photos of the newly constructed House by W2 Architekten AG!.Bern, 2016


#Notopia Pudding

The Architectural Review asked us to express ourselves on their postcard-template: “What makes a great city?”


New Folio Item: Lost Spaces in Calgary

Have a Look at my new portfolio entry. It was a competition entry I didn’t manage to finish in time, due to personal reasons. I liked the idea however, and decided to finish the design anyway. So, here it is: Lost Spaces in Calgary




What is Architecture?

See what Professor Eberle has to say about it. Dietmar Eberle: What is architecture? from whatisarchitecture on Vimeo.


Folio Booklet 2007-10

Portfolio Booklet, covering my work in the period of 2007-10


Winners of the Dear Architecture Competition on Visit the link above, to see the winning entries at the Dear Architecture Competition, organized by Blank Space from New York. Nice art and interesting texts


Honorable Mention for a Trojan Tram

…Your substance can be appreciated only if it is real. But if nothing is real, or if everything is more real than real, then ‘just real’, which is your current state of affairs, simply won’t cut it. It is not enough in this world. We are living hidden behind the countless layers of user names,…


1st prize in Ueberstorf for w2 architekten AG

Proud to be part of the w2 Architekten team that won the competition for the extension of the school complex in Ueberstorf, Switzerland. for more detailed overview, take a look at the w2 Architecten web page

osnova i presek 2-light

Mausoleum for the Image

Monumental Masonry Competition Entry
(Monumental Masonry is a collaboration between Bompas & Parr and Sir John Soane’s Museum)


Kindergarten published in Architectural-Review

Check out the page with the built project in my portfolio


Casabella N.832: Architects under 30

  the Kindergarten project got published in the latest issue of “CASABELLA” N.832: Architects under 30 for the 85th anniversary of CASABELLA


Bus Terminal. W2 Architekten

Even though we haven’t won, I’m very proud of this design.Visit the website of w2 architekten ag, and have a look!


Hello Bern and hello W2 Architekten!

I have moved to the beautiful capital of Switzerland to start working as a design architect at W2 Architekten AG.


aac Workshop 2012 in Hamburg. Urban Exchange: Hamburg-Shanghai

I had a great pleasure to attended the aac Workshop 2012 in Hamburg, organized by GMP Architects.


Graduation ETH MAS HS

I’ve graduated at the MAS studies at ETH, as a specialist for Housing with the highest grade in the class of Prof Dietmar Eberle.


Kindergarten is (almost) constructed!



Construction site for Kindergarten is opened

Estimated construction period is 9 months. Good luck!


apartment no. 4 completed

Have a look at the photos in my Folio section


Project Submitted

Final version of Detailed design for Kindergarten submitted for review by the city authorities!!!


Hello ETH!

I am admitted to the Advanced Master studies (professional specialization) in Housing at Wohnforum at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich. See you all in Switzerland during the academic year 2011/2012!


1st Prize, Kindergarten in Belgrade

Competition for five kindergartens in Belgrade. Five teams were awarded Ist prize for each of the five different locations.



Our competition entry for IAAC self-fab housing competition has been published! You can buy the book at Actar Publishers web site