Trojan Gym

[Honorable Mention at Dear Architecture Competition, NYC]

Dear Architecture,

It is a bit strange to address you this way. It is as if I’m writing to Santa. In fact, both of you have a similar problem: your narratives get weaker every year due to the global commercialization of everything. The flesh of your once consistent body is being eaten away and apportioned into small pieces.

Coke-Santa and Architecture. Even though you have found yourselves in the same predicament, there is a big difference between the two of you. Santa has his believers, and at least he exists through them. You, however, need the real material world in order to exist, because no one believes religiously in Architecture. Now, this still isn’t the actual core of your predicament. If I may, I would suggest that the real problem lies in Reality itself; or to be more precise, in the increasing lack thereof.

Your substance can be appreciated only if it is real. But if nothing is real, or if everything is more real than real, then ‘just real’, which is your current state of affairs, simply won’t cut it. It is not enough in this world. We are living hidden behind the countless layers of user names, profiles, and images, which we use as prosthetic devices to create an illusion that we are connected with the world.

Reality has collapsed under your feet, and now you are drowning in the fragmented abyss of its absence. Your main target-group are the architects, your sales pitch is way too long to make any sense, and when you try to convey yourself only through images, you are in fact helping the axeman to finish his job.

So, what should you do, my dearest Architecture? I say, crash the party and be whatever and whoever you need to be: ephemeral, eternal, digital, analogue, green, low-cost, highly-efficient, sustainable, economical, economically viable, parametric, eye-catching, intellectual, stylish, raw, futuristic, eclectic, slick, sharp, with the 3% of the monthly rent reserved for the return on the initial investment, easy for maintenance, silent, flexible, self-sufficient, handmade, prefabricated, double-faced, consistent, baroque, and post-prefabricated!

Appear when and where you’re least expected. Use your fragmented nature to your advantage. Act like a trojan horse virus, and penetrate the bubble of our illusions, to expose the truth. Then, make your real presence appear more real than real. After that, who knows? Maybe, once you restore the reality of the space we live in, Real might stand a chance of becoming real again. Someone once said, ‘If war is not real, then nothing is real’. I say to you: if Architecture is not real, then nothing can be real. So be real. Do what you can to get there.

Yours truthfully,


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July – September 2015