Site Specific Train Passenger Car

Standard passenger car does not have a relation with its surroundings. It is a capsule moving trough landscape in high speed isolating its passengers from atmosphere and allowing them only to enjoy distorted moving imagery. Relation between passengers and outside space of standard high speed train could be built only within an imaginary moment – the train is stopped in motion in specific site during an infinitely short period of time that lasts infinitely long. The train has specific internal spatial context that enhances the sense of relativity flow of outside space-time in relation to internal. This is the main underlying potential for site specific train. One way to make the train site specific is to enhance one of its features and to put it into specific site. My train has enhanced visual relation with landscape. It is a moving vista with all the advantages of train, designed for specific fragment of railroad that is to be found or imagined.

2007. Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade