Man-Powered Cultural Centre

[Competition - Honorable Mention]

Slinky Rig

The main goal is to provide easily transformable rig that can be adapted to many different kinds of urban environments and activities.
The proposed design is a six-wheel platform that carries a set of seven rings, connected with steel armature (or bamboo brackets) and strong
water-resistible tent or parachute canvas. By pooling the strings attached to the rings that stretch canvas, the users can decide in which way
they want to occupy the space. They can lift the secondary platform up, if they want to create a stage or if they need some privacy, or they
can put it next to the main platform to render more space in the same level. Slinky rig is man-powered and there is a possibility (if finance allows it)
of installment of generator that would significantly enhance its autonomy.

DOT, Competition for Mobile Cultural Center
15. 03. 2009. India, Bangalore