International Competition for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina


team: Nikola Marinčić, Uroš Kovačević, Petar Bojović
Museum Of Modern Art – Vojvodina

One of the most important features that Museums possess is their pronounced spatiality that relates Museum to its specific context in real life.
The Museum Building itself is a device that should enable the Institution to express its complexity and openness, and make it able to connect past,
present and the future. Our concept was to try to fulfill these specific goals by making the museum building, not restrictive and exclusive,
but open and elusive, through the organization of space that manifests in walking / roaming. Our architectural proposal is space that integrates
several categories of thought: questioning of difference and (or) connection between open public space of the street and museum,
freedom of choice, open space plan, event and ambiance layering, put together in clear functional diagram. Primary visual element of the
facade is a steel mesh that forms the movable envelope that communicates on equal level with inner as well as with the outer space.

June 2007
Novi sad, Serbia