Competition for a Bridge in Novi Sad

[Honourable Mention]

International Competition for a Bridge In Novi Sad

The bridge is located at the tender required location, on the existing pillars of the former railway bridge Franz Josef built in 1883, under the Petrovaradin Fortress.
Basic postulates of the solution are: 1) the bridge has to be visually different from the existing – grid has been chosen 2) that the bridge has smaller longitudinal slope – small depth of the structure deck, 3) structure deck has to be inexpensive, resistant to fatigue and to atmospheric effects, cheap for maintenance – composite deck structure, 4) main load bearing system has the minimum of the required steel material.
According to the previous structural and architectural considerations, the system of composite steel-concrete trusses, chords with the wave motion through the space was chosen. That’s how the whole project was named – The Danube wave.

freelance for DEL ING

team of authors:

bridge structure / project leader
Aleksandar Bojović

pillars and foundations
Nenad Jakovljević

Petar Bojović

Mišo Maksimović

roads and urbanism
Dušan Pačić

Animation: Nikola Damjanov

December 2009. Serbia, Novi sad