Digital Sketching

A few thoughts on flexibility of a floor plan put to a piece of paper and then extruded into a relatively elaborate hand drawn isometric on a tablet. Digital drawing has its setbacks, but the ability to copy and paste, to have layers which you can blend to create various effects, and above all, to…


1. Prize at Biberist for Brügger Architekten AG

  Pouring champagne at the celebration after winning the competition for the extension and refurbishment of the old people’s home in Biberist. Visit the website of Brügger Architekten AG for more info on the project and follow them on Instagram!


3. Prize in Brüttelenbad for Brügger Architekten AG

Proud to be part of the team of Brügger Architekten AG to win the 3. Place at the com petition for the extension of the Foundation Brüttelenbad. Congrats to spaceshop Architekten GmbH on their win! Visit Brügger Architekten AG to see the whole design, and make sure to follow them on Instagram.

sphere_ausstellung_BOOBAMARA thumb

Boobamara flies to EXPO 2017

Our project for sustainable energy pavilion got chosen by Kunzberg, a company for strategy, design and spatial communication, to be part of the “Future Energy” exhibition, which they curated for EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. After EXPO, Boobamara will be moved to the newly built Museum of Future. Many thanks to Kunzberg team who invited us to…

015 u structure 001-th

4 Parking Spaces Theatre

Check out my latest design experiment at Behance

014 3d 1b thumb

Drawings and ThreeDs

       Experiment on depth, on inside and outside, on up and down, on partial character and sequence, and on texture. Link on Behance   Bern, July 2017


New Portfolio Item: Fassadenstudien

  Check out my new portfolio entry! Fassadenstudie. Holz


Silicone Fortress

Architectural and Graphic Experiment The new power draws it’s strength from the nature, it’s sovereignty is natural. (Or is supposed to be.) But the nature is gone. At least the world is gone for sure, and if there is no world, then there is no nature either. So, this silicone power is weak. In order to…


Casa Sundance

Check out my new portfolio entry: Casa Sundance


B&W Render Test. Stardust



Cooper Residence 1968

Cooper Residence Orleans, MA, United States, 1968 Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects   This is a project I chose to draw as an exercise in Vectorworks, which I had to learn when I moved to Brügger Architekten AG. So, here it is: Cooper Residence in 3d, and some of my thoughts about the project.   The project appears…


Brügger Architekten AG

Proud to be part of the Brügger Architekten team starting from 1. December 2016!!


#Notopia Pudding

The Architectural Review asked us to express ourselves on their postcard-template: What makes a great city?

Foundation Maeght, 1959–1964

Foundation Maeght

One of my absolute favourites: the undisputed champion – Josep Lluís Sert! Marguerite and Aimé Maeght Foundation, Saint-Paul de Vence. 1959–1964 Photos taken in October, 2013



127_140220_Grundrisse _ 6. OG

Foundling 001

  Evolution of a pattern found in a project.


New Belgrade Block 61



Stadt der Stille XXXIV

Take a look at my latest Behance entry. It is a draft No. 34 of a personal project I’ve been working on for a long time now.  


what is architecture?

See what Professor Eberle has to say about it. Dietmar Eberle: What is architecture? from whatisarchitecture on Vimeo.


w2 architekten made a new web site. have a look! (


dear architecture

I got an Honorable Mention for my Dear Architecture Competition entry. Find out more at Blank Space Project!


1st prize in Ueberstorf

Proud to be part of the w2 Architekten team that won the competition for the extension of the school complex in Ueberstorf, Switzerland. for more detailed overview, take a look at the w2 Architecten web page


Kindergarten published in Architectural-Review


Casabella N.832: Architects under 30

  the Kindergarten project got published in the latest issue of “CASABELLA” N.832: Architects under 30 for the 85th anniversary of CASABELLA


Bus Terminal. W2 Architekten


Hello Bern and hello W2 Architekten!

I have moved to the beautiful capital of Switzerland to start working as a design architect at W2 Architekten AG.

aac Workshop 2012 in Hamburg. Urban Exchange: Hamburg-Shanghai

I had a great pleasure to attended the aac Workshop 2012 in Hamburg, organized by GMP Architects.  


I’ve graduated at the MAS studies at ETH, as a specialist for Housing with the highest grade in the class of Prof Dietmar Eberle. Now I am M.Arch, MAS ETH – HS  (Architect, Master of Advanced Science, specialized in Housing)



                      I’ve graduated at the MAS studies at ETH, as a specialist for Housing with the highest grade in the class of Prof Dietmar Eberle.


Kindergarten is (almost) constructed!


Construction site for Kindergarten is opened

Estimated construction period is 9 months. Good luck!


apartment no. 4 completed

Project Submitted

Final version of Detailed design for Kindergarten submitted for review by the city authorities!!!

Hello ETH!

I am admitted to the Advanced Master studies (professional specialization) in Housing at Wohnforum at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich. See you all in Switzerland during the academic year 2011/2012!

Detailed Design for Kindergarten

Detailed design for Kindergarten in progress. Executor of all stages of the design: DEL ING, Ltd. 

watch us on youtube!

Watch us on YouTube, we were on TV! (if you speak Serbian): TV show (we are from min 3:14)


1st Prize, Kindergarten in Belgrade

  Competition for five kindergartens in Belgrade. Five teams were awarded Ist prize for each of the five different locations. We won Bežanija! Ana Nastić, Miloš Paunović, Marko Petrović, Uroš Kovačević, Petar Bojović

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